Inside CNBC’s East Tech West & Trends Driving China Innovation

In this week's video, Xiabing Su attends CNBC's East Tech West event in Guangzhou, China, and explores the dynamic landscape of China's Greater Bay Area, a strategic technology, finance, and manufacturing hub. The event featured leading experts in the technology field. It highlighted three interconnected factors shaping China's future: industrial upgrading, sustainable development, and financial innovation.

Speakers emphasized the fundamental role of Guangzhou in China's shift from manufacturing to a service and tech-led growth model. As experts discussed vital trends, sustainability and innovation took center stage, including the high adoption rate of electric vehicles and autonomous driving for passengers, deliveries, and logistics.

Join Xiabing as she discusses how China's Greater Bay Area, often compared to Silicon Valley, serves as a gateway to the global market due to its well-connected transportation and logistics networks and underscores the country's commitment to modernization, sustainability, and adaptability, making it a compelling landscape for investors seeking opportunities in a rapidly changing economic environment.