The Roof of the World: Experiencing the Spiritual, Natural, & Modern Infrastructure Marvels of Tibet

In this week's video, Xiabing Su explores Tibet's spiritual and natural wonders, highlighting historical landmarks, acts of deep Buddhist devotion, and modern influence.

Tibet, often known as the "roof of the world," is a focal point for Tibetan Buddhism and is home to vital religious sites like the Jokhang Temple, which houses a revered statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. The landscape is equally powerful, with natural elements represented in Tibetan prayer flags, challenging those who visit to confront the human body's limitations in an extreme environment. Amidst this traditional backdrop, Xiabing also points out how China has established modern infrastructure in the region, including high-speed trains, 4G service, and contemporary services like Meituan's food delivery app. Join Xiabing to learn how Tibet offers a pathway to personal growth and a deeper connection with nature.