Embracing the Magic In Shanghai Disneyland

In this week's video, KraneShares' Xiabing Su takes viewers on a journey through the magical world of Shanghai Disneyland.

Thousands of people flooded the park to ride on thrilling attractions like the high-speed Tron Lightcycle and the whimsical Woody's Roundup. Despite long queues, sometimes surpassing an hour, Xiabing was undeterred and maximized her Shanghai Disney experience.

Shanghai Disneyland represents more than just a theme park – it symbolizes China's economic vitality and optimism. Its success and popularity demonstrate the country's ability to create world-class attractions and cater to the desires of its rapidly growing middle class, contributing significantly to the booming tourism industry.

Join Xiabing on her journey through Shanghai Disneyland, showcasing the strength of China's consumer and tourism as families eagerly embrace the magic of Disney in China.