Moutai Coffee Craze Unleashes The Power Of The Chinese Consumer

In this week's video, Xiabing Su explores the groundbreaking collaboration between Kweichow Moutai and the freshly reformed Chinese chain Luckin Coffee. She highlights how the launch of their new alcohol-infused beverage sparked a national phenomenon that underscores the power of China's consumer.

Moutai, traditionally recognized as the "Chinese National Wine," crafts investment-worthy liquors and has built a strong cultural footprint in China. On the other hand, Luckin Coffee implemented meticulous remediation and reform to bounce back from near bankruptcy and has now emerged as a fierce competitor to Starbucks in China. The coffee chain boasts a strategic mix of about 11,000 self-operated stores and an efficient "grab and go" model.

The partnership between these two Chinese brands has successfully bridged the gap between traditional Chinese beverages and modern consumer trends, resulting in a record debut and the selling of over 5 million cups on its first day.

Join Xiabing to learn how Moutai Coffee is capitalizing on China's robust consumer power and paving the way for other brands in China to innovate collectively.