From Beijing to Lanzhou, China’s Consumer Celebrates Lunar New Year

In this week's video, KraneShares' Xiabing Su and Derek Yan explore shopping trends in China during the Lunar New Year season.

On his first visit back home since COVID, Derek takes us to Taikoo Li Sanlitun in Beijing, an area similar to SoHo in New York, to observe the bustling atmosphere. He says the pre-New Year luxury shopping crowds in Beijing are similar to Black Friday shoppers in the US.

Derek also notes the enthusiastic interest of Chinese consumers in luxury brands like Dior and Chanel, referencing LVMH's recent earnings report that boasted 30% sales growth from China in December.

Next, Xiabing takes us to her hometown of Lanzhou to show shopping trends in a smaller Chinese city. She notes the busy atmosphere at a Metro supermarket as people prepare for New Year feasts. Despite the holiday, delivery and logistics services remain operational to meet increased shopping demands.

Join Xiabing and Derek to learn more about heightened consumer activity in China as they welcome the Year of the Dragon.