Xiabing Interviews Locals About 20th National Party Congress

Xi's speech at the 20th National Party Congress in Beijing is akin to an inauguration or a State of The Union speech in the United States. Many in China tuned in to watch the leader's remarks on Sunday, October 16th, and have been watching developments at the Congress since. In this week’s video, Xiabing Su travels around Shanghai, asking people what they hoped to see while the 20th National Party Congress took place in Beijing.


Hello, I’m Xiabing from KraneShares. On October 16th, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) was kicked off by the speech of President Xi. The CPC National Congress is one of the most important political events in China. Lasting for a week, it chooses the CPC’s senior leadership for the next five years and outlines goals and policies that will help shape the country’s future.  

In the speech, Xi highlights the transformative development of China over the past decade. Xi also advocates a Chinese path to modernization, and a new development pattern with pursuing high-quality growth development as well as emphasis on the conservation of environment.  

In this video, I would like to interview some people on the street on the ground in Shanghai, to ask about their opinions, thoughts, and feelings on the CPC National Congress.  

I'm on my way for the interview now, and I found that there are some decorations and posters on the subway station for the 20th CPC Congress.  

P1 (Salesperson): “It’s great to have a national direction and goals so that we can know what will come next…” 

P2 (Financial field): “High-quality growth is emphasized, so as an investor, I may pay more attention of high-tech manufacturing, semiconductor field, green cars…” 

P3 (Taxi driver): “I know the meeting, but I don’t think it has started…” 

P4 (Flower vendor): "The country will definitely get better..."

P5 (Food vendor): I know it's great that government spend trillions of yuan on real economy, it’s good news especially for young people because more job will be created…”   

From the interviews we can see that this is one of the most important conferences for Chinese people. People are all paying attention to it although some of us may not know the specific content of the conference. And the message from the 20th CPC National Congress is also very encouraging so that people have their own visions about the future and we’re also looking forward to it. 

I’m Xiabing, please let me know what you want to see in China and I will see you next time.