COVID-19: Analyzing the Human, Economic, and Market Impacts on China and the World

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
11:00am – 12:00pm est

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COVID-19: Analyzing the Human, Economic, and Market Impacts on China and the World
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
11:00am – 12:00pm est

The coronavirus pandemic is disrupting life and gripping markets around the world. Its spread has followed a similar trajectory in the various countries it has afflicted. China now appears to be at the plateau stage of the virus' progression with the number of new daily confirmed cases falling to negligible levels. As China reaches the end of the curve, we can analyze the steps it took to get there and the human, economic, and market impact the virus has incurred.

In this webinar, KraneShares' Brendan Ahern and Dr. Xiaolin Chen will answer critical questions on China's outlook and discuss how the current outbreak could provide a catalyst for select sectors. Topics will include:

  • Critical lessons from China's experience with COVID-19
  • Impact of the outbreak on China's economy and the government's fiscal & monetary response
  • Increased demand and policy support for China's healthcare sector
  • How the surge of new users to China's internet platforms, including E-Commerce, social media, streaming, and education, may support China's internet sector

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About the Speakers

Brendan Ahern
Chief Investment Officer

Brendan Ahern joined KraneShares in June 2012 to head the firm’s efforts in becoming the leading provider of China focused exchange traded funds (ETFs) and Chinese investment education for US clients. Since early 2001, Brendan worked for one the largest global ETF providers where he was an original member of the business development team. His “from the ground up” experience at a global ETF provider allowed him to become intimately acquainted with all aspects of the business. His expertise spans product development, marketing, branding, business strategy, operations, portfolio management, trading and client execution.

Dr. Xiaolin Chen
Head of International

Dr. Xiaolin Chen is a Managing Director, Head of International of KraneShares based out of the United Kingdom. Xiaolin oversees investment solutions and strategy efforts and manages the firm’s business outside of the United States. She has extensive experience in both London and New York developing and managing investment solutions to help clients meet a wide range of investment targets and objectives. Xiaolin has covered clients across EMEA, Asia and the United States and has in-depth onshore and offshore multi-asset investment solution knowledge.